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We have team of experts at Dewa Approvals in Megavolt that is an accomplished team of professionals with decades of experience in MEP.

DEWA Approved contractor

Megavolt holds the prestigious approval of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA Approvals). This endorsement underscores our compliance with the highest industry standards, assuring our clients of the reliability and quality of our services

HVAC Engineering System

From HVAC engineering to electrical systems and plumbing solutions, our seasoned professionals bring a level of expertise that ensures every aspect of your project is handled with precision.At Megavolt, we go beyond providing services.

Electrical Engineering System

We deliver comprehensive solutions, leveraging our collective knowledge to power success. Choose Megavolt for a reliable and experienced team dedicated to illuminating the path to excellence in all your MEP works and DEWA Approvals


Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
HVAC Engineering System
Electrical Engineering System
Plumbing & Fire Eng. System
Civil & Interior Services


Our Amazing Team


Mohammed Mubaris

Field Engineer






Lead Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why are DEWA approval important for production initiatives?

DEWA approval makes sure compliance with protection, sustainability, and performance standards, crucial for assignment legality and achievement.

2.How do expert contractors expedite the DEWA approval process?

Professional contractors leverage their know-how, revel in, and networks inside regulatory our bodies to streamline the approval procedure.

3.What risks are associated with non-compliance with DEWA standards?

Non-compliance can cause project delays, fines, or disruptions, impacting timelines, budgets, and reputations.

4.What position does conversation play in acquiring DEWA approval?

Effective communication fosters transparency, duty, and responsiveness, crucial for addressing queries and facilitating amendments.

5.How do DEWA approval impact task timelines and budgets?

Delays in approvals can hinder undertaking progress, leading to multiplied expenses and ability financial implications for stakeholders.


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